SAP Improvement

SAP-related Process Improvement… Without the Drawbacks

Your organization has probably investigated many options for improving your SAP-related processes, but in the majority of cases there are significant cost, time, effort, risk or security issues that can make this challenging. By focusing on the user, OpenSpan’s approach to SAP-related process improvement can eliminate these drawbacks.

  • Speed of implementation and deployment – Druits solutions are quick to design, build and deploy, supporting an iterative agile development methodology and getting to Return-On-Investment much faster.
  • No changes required to the SAP installation – Process improvements enabled by Druits do not require any changes to the SAP environment.
  • No scripting interface requirement to introduce security risks – DRUiTS’s unique technology supports all major versions of SAP from 4.6c to the current SAP Business Suite 7 without the requirement to enable any scripting interfaces

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